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At ii, we provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to help you become
the best in the world at what you do.

At ii, we believe that great co-working spaces start and end with hands-on entrepreneurial mentoring. Also, we encourage our accomplished entrepreneurs to turn around and mentor newer entrepreneurs within the space - a never-ending cycle of paying it forward.

Entrepreneurs who have an iiMentor have a key advantage. If you can bounce ideas and concerns off a trusted source, someone who will always answer your calls, texts and emails, you’ve got a significant head start over go-it-alone competitors. Great co-working spaces offer more than just advice and guidance; they provide mentorship, like iiMentor.

iiCollaborator turns the word 'collaborator' into an active exercise. We pair up contrasting businesses to have brainstorms of how they could possibly merge ideas to create something even more substantial.

What happens when a VR specialist collaborates with a blockchain specialist? We do not know - yet! We will only find out through knocking our heads together or just by having a simple chat. ii takes the initiative to actively set up random collaboration sessions between contrasting businesses.

iiValidator is a regular critical analysis session between our members and renowned industry mentors, where they can share and test their ideas.

Idea validation is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. Validation comes in different forms: the action of checking or proving that the validity of your business idea has the legs for worldwide dominance is the form that ii adhere to. If you are off-track, we will be the first to let you know. At ii, we do not sit back and let you get on with your everyday business - WE ARE your everyday business.

If you become a member of iiStart-up, you will benefit from the below supports:

  • Business Plan Optimisation
  • Market Research Techniques
  • Tax, Law and Insurance Guidance
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Support Signposting

If you are starting or moving your business to Ireland, here is a pathway to our island's entire startup ecosystem.

The iiDiaspora initiative is an active resource which creates a synergy between people working from ii and Donegal natives living around the World.

iiDiaspora is a significant resource to reach out to successful digital entrepreneurs. Donegal people living in Worldwide locations can give us important insights into the digital industry from a global perspective.

You can bounce ideas, ask for an opinion or simply just talk about the entrepreneurial life. At ii, we take the initiative to set up video calls between you and the people of the Donegal diaspora. As a member of ii, you automatically qualify for this initiative.

iiHealth is a support initiative set up to encourage healthy living and establish a healthy life/work balance. It also acts as a directory for local health and fitness clubs.

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