Traditional SMEs

Accelerate your traditional companies technology transformation adaption

Inishowen’s indigenous or traditional economy is mixed, with a focus on light engineering, tourism, culture, agriculture and fishing/aquaculture. These sectors are increasingly impacted by developments in Industry 4.0, AI, VR, and AR. ii helps such businesses to accelerate adaption by providing easier access to funding and training, disruptive digital demonstrators and prototypes, organised on a sector-by-sector basis.

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iiValidator is a regular critical analysis session between our members and renowned industry mentors, where they can share and test their ideas.

Idea validation is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. Validation comes in different forms: the action of checking or proving that the validity of your business idea has the legs for worldwide dominance is the form that ii adhere to. If you are off-track, we will be the first to let you know. At ii, we do not sit back and let you get on with your everyday business - WE ARE your everyday business.

What does the ii member journey look like for a tradition company?

The ii member journey is divided into three sections:

Section 01.

Member Growth Services

ii helps it's members to focus on and attain business supports - from the public and private sectors - needed by startups, existing companies, and entrepreneurs.

The following are the steps ii take to help tech start-ups grow:

Step 01.

ii Awareness Briefings

This will take the form of ii awareness briefings for Inishowen businesses, to showcase the ii’s facilities, introduce them to ii ecosystem members and enlighten them as to how emerging technologies could be incorporated into their businesses.

Step 02.

Tester Workshops

Will also be conducted to provide a deeper insight into the projects, technologies, and interactions ongoing within the ii ecosystem.

Step 03.

Needs Assessment
Consultation with potential members to determine needs and service  requirements from the ii. It will entail joint working between the ii management and appropriate development agencies (EI, LEO, ETB, IDA) and marks the beginning of the process to determine whether membership is appropriate.

Step 04.

Agency Meetings
Meet with statutory development agencies in the hub to access programmes, development advice, support, etc.

Step 05.

Member Development Plan
Follows on from the Needs Assessment and is applicable to prospective Members. It describes the business purpose of the member locating in the ii, as well as the business and technology goals that will be achieved. It specifically sets out the development agency (EI, LEO, IDA, ETB) programmes and services that the innovator needs to avail of (see Appendix 4: Member Development Plan on page 34).

Section 02.

Living Lab Testbeds

Living Labs are open innovation ecosystems in real-life environments. ii members have access to living lab test beds and expertise in technology gateways across Ireland, university research centres and specialist centres to develop emerging digital based solutions using a hands-on approach. The Living Labs services is made available online through a virtual reality platform.

Section 03.

Collaborative Office Space

ii's state-of-the-art innovation space is custom designed to meet start-ups' and innovators' collaboration and work needs. It complements ii's digital technology innovation and member growth services.

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