Our Purpose

Our purpose goes far beyond a space for digital entrepreneurs. We are about living life,
enabling dreams and inspiring the imagination of the people around us.

iiLife is where you will find out everything you need to know about the Inishowen peninsula - it is linked with all of our local partners, clubs and societies.

Here, you will discover:

  • Local Education Institutes
  • Inishowen's Beaches
  • Where To Eat
  • Property To Rent
  • Property To Buy

iiGreen demonstrates our dedication to making our world a greener place. It is apparent across all of our touch-points from recycling bins to encouraging the 'bike to work' scheme for our local clients.

Starting with the basics, iiGreen have recycling bins in our co-working space for maximum green points. iiGreen is an active recycling initiative where everyone has a recycling box on their desk and only one rubbish bin placed in a communal area (as opposed to rubbish bins at every station) to encourage mindfulness around how we discard waste.

iiGrow is a driver for developing entrepreneurial mindsets from a young age. We have three initiatives set up and aimed at different age groups:

  • iiGrow Primary
  • iiGrow Secondary
  • iiGrow Student

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