ii Member Types

Tech Start-Ups

Existing and future tech start-ups need to urgently review their business models, technology offerings, products and services in light of the unprecedented and rapid appearance of disruptive technologies in the marketplace, particularly AI. ii uniquely focuses on disruptive technology, to help grow and scale early-stage startups.

ii - inishowen innovation
ii - inishowen innovation

Traditional SMEs

Inishowen’s indigenous or traditional economy is mixed, with a focus on light engineering, tourism, culture, agriculture and fishing/aquaculture. These sectors are increasingly impacted by developments in Industry 4.0, AI, VR, and AR. ii helps such businesses to accelerate adaption by providing easier access to funding and training, disruptive digital demonstrators and prototypes, organised on a sector-by-sector basis.

Engineering Companies

The light engineering sector is a special case in that it also contains a group of large manufacturing companies, employing a large number of staff, and using sophisticated manufacturing processes. While each of the companies in the group has the in-house capability and urgent motivation, due to sustainability targets, to move to Industry 4.0, ii’s access to additional funding, expertise and advanced prototypes will accelerate the move.

ii - inishowen innovation
ii - inishowen innovation

Multinational Tech Companies

Is your global tech company looking for a European landing spot? Gain priority and hands-on access to tech talent, disruptive tech research, testbeds and research skills from the comfort of your own private development space.

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