Hub Guidelines

We would like our members to follow some basic procedures when using the ii space

Welcome to ii

Inishowen Innovation (ii) was created to increase innovation in the Inishowen peninsula by supporting emerging technology startups, providing professional workspace and networking opportunities to remote workers, and helping local businesses access the technical and business expertise and supports they need to scale their businesses.

The ii is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment to everyone who works at and interacts with the ii community. We promote a safe environment, with the following expectations of participants in ii community, those working within the hub, and those participating at ii events:



Be respectful of every person regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, religion, or manner of articulation.


Do not use hateful language or participate, promote, or organise in behaviours which constitute harassment of or harm towards others. We define harassment as: intimidation and targeting individuals in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or afraid.


Do not use the ii to spread misinformation or disinformation.

ii Building Guidelines

The ii building has been custom designed to maximise collaboration and complement the digital technology and business growth offerings for members. Keeping the space clean, safe, and comfortable is a community effort. To that end, everyone using the building agrees to the following…

Desk Space

Each person in the building has a responsibility to make sure their desk and area is clean, clear from hazards or inconvenience to other members.

Drink & Food Ware
All cups, glasses, cutlery etc. are washed or placed in the dishwasher after use. The fridge will be cleaned out regularly, with advance notice given to all licensed users and members.
Meeting Rooms
Whiteboards are cleaned after use for other users of meeting rooms and breakout areas. Chairs and tables should be put back in their original position after use and any waste removed and disposed of in the kitchen.
Noise Levels
While noise is expected in an open co-working environment, its volume should be kept to a reasonable level. Those in the co-working areas are encouraged to use headsets for all video calls and avail of the privacy room or meeting room if required.
Time Consideration
We are considerate of each other’s time in scheduling the use of meeting rooms and using privacy booths.

In keeping with our sustainability goals, we strive to be paperless and generate as little
waste as possible. Waste should be dealt with in the most sustainable manner possible.
Recycling bins, a waste bin and a food waste bin are all provided in the kitchen.

Any issues in relation to the working environment at the ii should be raised with the Innovation Manager.

Registration on is deemed to be acceptance of the above Hub Guidelines. A shared space etiquette and mutual respect are required at all times. Please clean up after yourself after using a desk, the kitchen or the bathroom.

When you register on, you will receive a welcome sheet upon arrival. The welcome sheets contain a wifi code, co-working reminders, a list of coffee and lunch places, parks, beaches, etc.

The ii encourages anyone who has experienced, witnessed, or become aware of conduct not by this policy to come forward so that we can take appropriate steps to prevent such conduct from occurring in the future and ameliorate its effects. We reserve the right to respond to violations of the ii Hub Guidelines (Code of Conduct) in the manner we deem appropriate.

Please email with any questions.